Getting Started With Cisco Customer Success Manager
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Getting Started With Cisco Customer Success Manager
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Getting Started With Cisco Customer Success Manager
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Foundational course to fulfill the Customer Success Manager role and help customers achieve their business outcomes

What you'll learn
Understand the role as part of a high perfog Customer Success practices
Understand the customer lifecycle stages, success plan, financial teology, health index and adoption of Cisco architectures
Be aware of subscription economy and recurring revenue business model
Identify specific stages in the transformational journey that customer are and how to move them forward
Have experience working with external customers
The Cisco Customer Success Manager is a foundational training curriculum that allows an aspiring Customer Success Manager to understand the role as part of a high perfog Customer Success practice.
It teaches the customer lifecycle stages, success plan, financial teology, health index and adoption of Cisco architectures.This course focuses on:providing a thorough introduction, tools, concepts, and skills practice to prepare for the Customer Success Manager (CSM) roleGiving you experience with common practices and expected tasks, including confidence using terms such as Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR), Life Customer Value (LTCV), Available to Renew (ATR), and other key metricsThis course has no formal prerequisites, but I recommend that you have:Experience with and interest in working with customers to detee, measure, and deliver business outcomes through the implementation of technology spent in a customer facing role, including technical sales, system eeering, or similar will be especially helpfulThis course has been divided into three lessons:Customer Experience and Customer Lifecycle OverviewThe first lesson will provide an overview of the trends that are driving us towards subscription economy. Customer Experience is now becoming top of mind for executives of companies of all size. It is not uncommon that Chief Customer Experience Officers or CCXO reports directly to the CEO and has a seat in the executive table. Customer Experience now has direct impact to top line and bottom line of organizations.Customer Experience OverviewCustomer Lifecycle OverviewWhat is AdoptionLifecycle Stages ExplainedBusiness Architectural Value OverviewCisco Success Portfolio OverviewTools and Best PracticesCustomer Success Manager is one crucial role within Customer Experience organization. They are the ones who are accountable to the success of customers. What do CSMs have to achieve that mission Those will be covered in lesson 2 - tools and best practices.Success Plan OverviewHealth Index Dashboard OverviewAsk The Experts (ATX) OverviewAccelerators OverviewCustomer Experience in ActionThe last lesson will cover the Customer Experience and the CSM in action. How to map customers into the lifecycle. How to build Success Plan What are the key components of Success Plan Licensing and Enterprise Agreements. What are they How Smart Accounts and Smart Licensing simplify the way customers manage and operate their environment.Customer mapping into the LifecycleSuccess PlanLicensing and Enterprise AgreementsSmart Accounts and Smart Licensi is a lot to learn; however, this self study takes it one step at a , at your pace, and provides you with the tools that you'll need to excel.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Customer Experience and Customer Lifecycle Overview

Lecture 2 Customer Experience Overview

Lecture 3 Customer Lifecycle Overview

Lecture 4 What is Adoption

Lecture 5 Lifecycle Stages Explained

Lecture 6 Business Architectural Value Overview

Lecture 7 Cisco Success Portfolio Overview

Section 3: Tools and Best Practices

Lecture 8 Success Plan Overview

Lecture 9 Health Index Dashboard Overview

Lecture 10 Ask The Experts (ATX) Overview

Lecture 11 Accelerators Overview

Section 4: Customer Experience in Action

Lecture 12 Customer mapping into the Lifecycle

Lecture 13 Success Plan

Lecture 14 Licensing and Enterprise Agreements

Lecture 15 Smart Accounts and Smart Licensing

Section 5: Workshop Review

Lecture 16 Workshop Review

Cisco's Partner Customer Success Manager,Individuals preparing for the Cisco Customer Success Manager certification


Getting Started With Cisco Customer Success Manager
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Category: Tutorials | Date: 22-Sep-2022